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For the countries of SE Asia, Danish Water Technology House (DWTH) is the easiest and fastest access to the Danish Water sector. We represent a wide range of Danish water companies and we are committed to spreading awareness of Danish water technology in the region.

From Denmark to SE Asia
For Danish companies, we are first and foremost and entrance to the large and rapidly growing SE Asian market. We can handle all the tasks related to an establishment in SE Asia. From the initial market research and building contacts to the ongoing sale of products and services.

Particularly in the preparatory work, Danish companies have great advantages in going through us. We are familiar with the business culture in the region: We know how to build up the introduction and cooperation gradually to create lasting results.

Because we are present in the region, we are able to maintain the dialogue with potential customers and continously take care of each company´s interests.

From SE Asia to Denmark
For the SE Asian businesses, public institutions, authorities and many local communities in the region, we are an importan partner. We can assist developing solutions to current problems, concretize projects and search for competent partners in the Danish water sector.

Our focus is primarily on providing products, knowledge and contacts. However, we also work with concept development and introduction to other ways of solving the problems and challenges in the water sector that SE Asia is facing.

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