Danish Water Technology House


Water is the challenge of the world

The world´s most important ressource is water. The world´s largest challenge is clean water for all: A challenge that is evident in a growth region such as SE Asia.

Danish Water Technology House focuses on raising awareness of Danish water technology in Asia. We help companies enter the Asian markets, we spread the knowledge of Danish water technology in Asia, and we develop joint water projects with Danish and Asian companies.

Member of DWTH
Anyone can draw on DWTH´s knowledge and skills. However, the idea behind the Danish Water Technology House is to bring together Danish companies as members of the organisation, and thus build a broad knowledge base behind our work.

DWTH is highly targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises

  • We have a wide range of services for individual companies who would like to explore their options in SE Asia. See additional infomation under Membership.
  • We work to promote cooperation between our members. Smaller businesses, often highly specialised, each process valuable knowledge and insight. This knowledge should grow further in value, and it will happen through cooperation and joint projects. An example of this cooperation are the concepts that DWTH is developing with its members. See further information under Concepts.

Our main office is in Singapore, the world’s vibrant waterhub, and our secretariat is based in Silkeborg, Denmark at the Freshwater Centre. We are operated by the Freshwater Centre, a national centre dedicated to discover water issues and educate society in protecting the freshwaters of Denmark.

DWTH was established in 2014 and is a non-profit organization.

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