One of the reasons why the Danish Water companies are among the leaders in the world is a longstanding and very close cooperation between the companies and the Danish water supply.

A collaboration that has produced a great knowledge of topics such as utilization of groundwater reserves, construction and efficient operation of water utilities and water supply, handling of Non-Revenue water etc.

In DWTH, we are working to adapt this knowledge to current conditions in the various countries of SE Asia. Preferably through projects with local partners.

Denmark is one of the few countries in the world where the entire water supply is based on water brought up from the underground. Over the years, Danish companies have developed knowledge and technologies to locate groundwater reserves, utilise the water reserves in a proper way and after-treat it to drinking water quality.

DWTH have gathered a number of its member companies, all specialised in working with groundwater. This group´s expertise covers the entire groundwater proces and will be able to participate in projects and processes aimed at developing the use of groundwater as a Water ressource in SE Asia.

Read more about the Danish Groundwater Concept here.

Non-revenue Water
Every day huge amounts of potable water is lost all over the world. Water is lost in leaky or broken pipes or storage tanks. Or stolen when people connect their own water pipes to the official pipes and draw water without paying for it.

At the same time, the official water supplies lose money because the customer´s water consumption is not recorded or settled properly.

Up to half of the produced potable Water is lost this way. A loss with major consequences:

  • The loss puts strain on Water reserves. More water than necessary has to be produced to cover the loss and the water consumption.
  • The Water supply loses revenue when part of the water is lost.
  • Water is more expensive than necessary for the registered and paying customers.

Effective control of non-revenue water requires diversified actions:

  • Tracking and repair of leaks in water pipes
  • Precise recording of the water consumption fo each individual consumer
  • Action against illegal water use
  • Effective management and use

Danish companies are able to provide the necessary technology and knowledge in all focus areas and Thus contribute to an effective action against non-revenue water.

Read more about the Danish non-revenue water concept here.

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