DWTH Attended the Roadshow of PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency Research Grant Call Today

11 Oct 2016

DWTH attended the roadshow of the PUB research grant call today. The takeaways from the talk and roadshow are summarised below. There are 2 tracks of research routes available for applicants:


Track for Novel Idea
Novel, breakthrough ideas and technologies in the areas of water and used water, including new research ideas on managing water demand (for example on eliminating water demand for cooling purposes.

Track for the Translation of Research
Build upon current projects listed in Appendix 3 and shall translate these technologies with the aim of accelerating the commercialisation or implementation of these technologies.

The four target water technologies for this research are:

(i) water treatment, seawater desalination and reuse;

(ii) used water treatment processes for resource recovery;

(iii) industrial water solutions;

(iv) water quality monitoring

Other Requirements

Foreign companies will have to work with a local (SG) partner to apply for this grant.

Research work has to be conducted in Singapore, and the research has to be beneficial to the Singapore economy (e.g. commercialization of technology and consequently exporting technology from SG).

Private sector companies will only qualify for 70% of the approved direct qualifying costs for the project.

There will be other funding grants for other relevant water technologies, under other initiatives of the SG government.

Collaboration with technology translational facilities or consortium such as MSTC (Membrane Science Technology Centre) or EWTCOI (Environmental and Water Technology Centre of Innovation), are encouraged.

The presentations from the roadshow can be downloaded here:

Briefing on PUBs Grant Call and Latest Technology Focus Areas.

PUBs sharing on Research, Innovation and Enterprise Plan 2020 for Water Sub Domains.

For more information, please contact our Singapore Office, Branch Office Manager Patrick Soh at pas@dwth.sg.

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