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What can the Danish water sector offer the SE Asian region? The answer is technologically innovative products, supplemented by cooperation, Development and access to knowledge.

Denmark is among the world´s leading nations in the Water sector. The Danish water sector is both creative and innovative and includes all types of businesses:

  • Research-based companies that convert knowledge and research results int new technological solutions.
  • Innovative manufacturers of highly engineered equipment, hardware and measuring instruments.
  • Consulting Engineering firms and contractors on an international scale.

Why Danish Business?
As for the rest of the Danish business establishment, the water industry is also dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises. This creates a complex and highly specialised business life.

It also means that cooperation and willingness to utilise each other´s knowledge and skills are key elements for the companies. An approach that ensures the customer the best solution of each task and consequently the most value.

Through DWTH, Danish companies have gained entrance to SE Asia.

Meet some of them here:

We focus on:

  • Introduction of Danish products and services to the entire SE Asian region
  • Contract to and collaboration with companies, authorities and organisations in the region
  • Development of Water Projects with Asian and Danish participation
  • Establishing project groups focused on specific issues in the water sector. Further information under Concepts.

Local Representation
Exporting to SE Asia is a process. A process where familiarity and confidentiality between the partners is built up gradually. In return, the loyalty is strong, once the cooperation is established.

Our employees in Singapore know the individual countries in SE Asia. The different cultures, the public sector and the authorities, and not least the different languages.

As a result, we can offer a flexible and comprehensive support for any company planning to enter the SE Asian market. From the initial work studying the market and building up relevant contacts to managing the ongoing sales and the continued expansion.

Read more about what we offer Danish companies under Services.

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