Communications Review


Marketing & sales collateral can result in poor sales if it does not take account of cultural differences. We can help you develop a communications strategy for SE Asia that works effectively.

We will consider your company´s written, spoken and digital communications with your export markets. Then we will agree to focus the review upon certain export activities for a selected market such as:

  • Marketing & sales collateral, press releases, catalogues, packaging
  • Technical documentation and manuals
  • Preparation and materials for trade shows
  • Relationships with agents and distributors
  • International sales and invoicing processes
  • Promotion of your website in SE Asian markets

You will receive a tailored report and action plan with recommendations for your communications strategy. It will include a description of your strengths and weaknesses against best practice and advice on how to implement the recommendations.


  • Help you overcome cultural and language barriers
  • Reduce commercial risks due to linguistic errors

Each review costs DKK 8,000 + VAT and upwards.

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