Distribution Management


Grow your export sales in SE Asia

We locate and qualify distribution partners in SE Asia. Once a network of distributors is established our local team will effectively manage and drive your sales in the region.

We act as your direct sales agent

We will negotiate a sales representative agreement with you to look after your individual needs. An agreement could include:

  • Generate leads and provide on-going support to clients
  • Supply regular status reports on current and prospective  clients, competitive products, trade conditions and sales forecasts
  • We develop promotional materials and handling on-going promotional materials
  • Arrangement on financing and credit are made between you and the buyer, but we can assist


  • Strong in-market representation
  • Customer ownership is yours
  • Sales´commission agreements can be made

We represent you via in-house experts

You can hire a dedicated key account manager or a business developer to look after your sales either part-time or full-time. An in-house expert will:

  • Manage the promotion and sales of your products and/or solution
  • Identify and build up relations with local channels, local partners and clients
  • Organize and participate in conferences and exhibitions
  • Develop strategies, plans, and follow-up
  • Provide on-going support to clients
  • Locate financing sources


  • Strong in-market representation
  • Customer ownership is yours
  • A dedicated expert to focus on your needs only
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