Why SE Asia?

SE Asia is composed of eleven countries, which are at very different stages of development, economically and socially: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos.

The total population is approaching 600 million. The countries with the largest economies in terms of gross domestic product are Indonesia and Thailand, while Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia are the least developed. SE Asia with its increasingly strong purchasing power and high growth rate has come into focus as a new attractive market for Danish SMEs.

Focus Markets in SE Asia
DWTH has focus on covering the six largest markets in the region:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines


These markets have the largest economies in the region and thus the most interesting growth potential for Danish exporters of water technology and know-how. Large economies require large investments in water infrastructure, see table below.

Estimated investments in the water sector by country 2014-2018

 Water distribution (Investments)  Waste Water treatment (investments)    Equipment (investments) 
Country/year  2014 2018 2014 2018 2014 2018
 Indonesia  1847 3310 582 1321 1156 2210
 Malaysia 902 915 500 1000 651 906
 Philippines 244 307 255 327 229 297
 Singapore  157 208 41 56 80 107
 Thailand 140 196 81 154 109 170
 Vietnam 409 443 166 344 257 342
 Total  3699  5379  1625  3204  2482  4032

All figures are in millions USD / year in 2014 and 2018. Source: Global Water Market 2014, Volume 3, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Global Water Intelligence Publication, 2013.

The water market in SE Asia is increasingly demanding integrated solutions, a demand that Danish water companies is able to fulfill when joining forces. We offer facilitation management services for the development and execution of members’ water concepts and projects in SE Asia.

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