Why Singapore?

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Singapore, Southeast Asia´s smallest country, is a dynamic city-state with one of the highest standards of living in the world. Located at the crossroads of the east-west trading routes, Singapore provides fast access to growing markets in Southeast Asia.

  • The World Bank ranked Singapore as No. 1 for “ease of doing business”
  • Is a safe testing ground and a springboard to the rest of SE Asia
  • Highly-educated, motivated and skilled workforce
  • Singapore Free Trade Agreement with neighboring countries
  • Largely adopted Commonwealth Law
  • English is the official language of administration and commerce
  • Government ensures a high degree of stability, growth and prosperity

The World’s Waterhub

Singapore is a vibrant waterhub driving many development projects in the water sector. The city-state has one of the world’s most advanced water systems in regards to water resource management, water supply, discharge and waste water treatment. Over the past 10 years, Singapore has become one the world’s most popular waterhubs with in Water Management Knowledge and Technology and Services. Singapore’s water development has created one of the world’s best gathering of water experts capable of developing state-of-the-art integrated solutions for an increasing number of customers around the world.

As a resource-constrained city Singapore has struggled with its water needs, which created an impetus to seek alternative water sources and explore advanced water technologies to become self-sufficient in water. Through its efforts in transforming its vulnerability into a stronghold, Singapore is now recognized as a global water hub with a thriving water industry eco-system. The city is now home to about 100 water companies.

With a population of almost 5 million people living in just 710 sq. km and limited access to fresh water resources, Singapore has had to develop innovative solutions to meet its water management needs. Drawing on this experience, Singapore-based companies are able to provide holistic and fully integrated water management solutions along the entire value chain.

These include:

  • Water planning and consultancy
  • Technology and equipment supply
  • Process design, systems integration and construction
  • Operations and maintenance

In Singapore, you will find companies with expertise in a wide range of water management areas, including desalination, water treatment and municipal and industrial wastewater treatment projects. Singapore-based companies also offer extensive technical and R&D expertise including a range of treatment methods and proprietary technologies.

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